Send and receive funds in just a few seconds.


Make quick and easy transfers.

Use your BankVic account to send and receive funds to and from other accounts.

  • We make it easy


    Faster payments across participating banks and financial institutions - made within seconds.

  • Easy

    Make payments easy by using PayID taking out the need for your BSB and account number.

  • Secure

    PayID is unique to you and registered to your bank account.

What is PayID and Osko?

PayID is a smart address that uses your mobile number or email address for fund transfer via Osko, securely linked to your bank account. Osko by BPAY® is a secure payment service which enables you to send and receive near real-time payments on the New Payments Platform.


Here’s how to get started.

Get started today. Follow these simple steps to set-up your PayID.
Here with you at every step
  1. Via the BankVic App

    Open the BankVic App, then click on Account Balances. Once in Account Balances, click on "Payments" then PayID. Click "Add New" and provide the information required. Follow the steps until your PayID has been successfully created.

  2. Via Internet Banking

    Log into Internet Banking then click on "Manage PayID". Click "Create PayID" and choose your unique contact information for PayID. Follow the prompts until confirmed.

Send & Receive

Here’s how to send and receive.

Making transfers is easy.
  1. Sending

    You can send funds to a PayID using the BankVic App or Internet Banking. For the BankVic App, simply go to "Transfers", then click "To Others" and choose an existing PayID or create a new PayID in this section. For Internet Banking, go to "Payments" then select "Transfer Money". Enter required information including the sender's PayID. Follow prompts until you receive confirmation of a successful transfer.

  2. Receiving

    To receive funds using your PayID, simply provide your PayID to the sender or merchant. Once the transaction is complete, your funds will be shown in your account immediately.


Frequenty Asked Questions

  • What is PayID?

    A PayID is a smart address for payments that is securely linked to a bank account. Your PayID can be an email address, Australian registered mobile number or Australian Business Number (ABN).

    Your PayID will make life much easier as you won’t need to remember your BSB and account number anymore.

    Once your PayID is set up, when you want somebody to transfer funds into your account you can simply give them your PayID instead of your BSB and account number.

    What’s more is your PayID will work seamlessly with Osko meaning you’ll be able to receive payments in minutes rather than days.

    It’s also easier to get it right when making the payment. So there’s less chance of accidentally sending money to the wrong account with PayID.

    You can create, update, transfer and close your PayID through Internet Banking, mobile banking and the BankVic Mobile App.

    Find out more about PayID

    What is OSKO?

    Osko® by BPAY was built to bring the capabilities of the New Payments Platform (NPP) to Australian banking customers.

    Most Australians who use Internet Banking or access a mobile banking app on a smartphone or tablet device will have access to Osko®.

    Find out more about OSKO

    • You will be able to make payments to businesses for products and services, to friends and family, basically anyone who has a PayID.

      For instance, if you go out with your work friends for lunch, someone can pay the bill and everyone can pay that person their amount right away using their PayID – through their participating bank.

    • Yes, because a PayID is unique to each person. Your PayID is linked to your bank account through your bank.

      When making a payment to a PayID through Osko in your Internet Banking or Mobile App, the name of the person who owns the PayID is shown before you approve the payment. You just need to confirm it’s the right person.

      Find out more about PayID

    • No, there is no fee to use Osko or PayID to make payments.

      However, the same fees still apply to Mistaken Internet Payments (MIPs). 

    • The daily limit for Osko transactions is $1,000, however the combined general daily transfer limit for Osko and Standard payments remains at $5,000.

      If you have an existing increased limit, it will be unaffected by the introduction of Osko. You will be able to make up to $1,000 of near real-time payments per day using Osko and you will still be able to use the remainder of your daily limit for sending standard transfers.

      If you need to make a transaction that is higher than $5,000 you can contact our call centre on 13 63 73 during business hours to discuss your options. Please note that Osko will be unavailable for any transfers over $1,000.

    • No, you can't make Osko international payments. Osko payments can only be made in AUD for Australian transactions. No telegraphic transfers can be done via Osko. 

    • If you do not wish to be able to send outbound payments instantly via the New Payments platform, this can be disabled by calling our Contact Centre on 13 63 73.

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