All drivers share the role of keeping our roads safe. Boost your road safety acumen with these 5 top tips.5 driving tips to keep you safe

  • We all share responsibility for keeping our roads safe
  • There are simple safety checks you can undertake at home
  • Driving when tired is not an option
  • Adequate car insurance is paramount

Being responsible on the road is at the heart of safe driving and there are many simple ways to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Every time you leave the driveway, consider these five simple tips to help keep you, your passengers, and your car safe.

1. Buckle up

Since the wearing of seat belts was mandated on New Year's Day in Victoria in 1971, it has had the single most dramatic impact on the reduction in fatalities on our roads. Not only is the law to wear one, it's plain common sense. Even if you're just driving a kilometre down the road, before you even start the car, ensure you and your passengers are safely buckled up.

2. Be aware of driving conditions

Conditions on Victorian roads can change quickly. From perfectly dry, to wet and greasy in a matter of minutes. Remember that it takes longer to stop in wet conditions, so maintaining a safe distance from other cars is an important safety measure. Improve visibility by keeping the inside of the windscreen clean and using the de-mister when driving in the rain. Always turn down high beams to avoid blinding other drivers coming towards you.

3. Regular, DIY vehicle safety checks

You can help maintain the safety of your vehicle with a few DIY maintenance checks:

  • Ask a friend or family member to help check headlights (including high beams), indicators and brake lights
  • Check windscreen wipers and replace them when they start to streak
  • Are your tyres showing any worn areas?
  • Check your windscreen wiper water and cleaning liquid and top up regularly.

4. Never drive when tired

Driver fatigue is a significant factor contributing to Victorian road accidents. Yawning, sore eyes and slower reaction times are all indictors of fatigue. Plan to drive long distances after a good night's sleep, and be mindful of the effects of any medication.

5. Take out adequate insurance

Adequately insuring your car is paramount to your role as a considerate driver. You have a responsibility to both yourself, and other drivers to have the right insurance for your circumstances.

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