BankVic is pleased to welcome a new community partner, Crime Stoppers Victoria. By working closely with Victoria Police, for over 30 years Crime Stoppers Victoria provides a critical service to keep our community safe.

Together BankVic and Crime Stoppers Victoria will be aiming to prevent online crime. We’re doing this by educating our community on topics that get people thinking about online fraud and safe and secure banking. Our first article, “Time to break your oldest habit: your password”, focusses on the importance of strong passwords for online safety.

Crime Stoppers Victoria aligns with our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment toward Data Privacy, Security & Fraud Prevention where we ensure our members and community have access to safe and secure banking and are educated and protected against negative banking experiences. It also aligns with our ongoing efforts to Create Safe & Healthy Communities for our members and the wider community by supporting our partners.

We’re excited about what’s in store in 2021 with Crime Stoppers Victoria as we together make our community a safer place.

You can follow Crime Stoppers on social media at Twitter and Facebook @CrimeStoppersVic and on Instagram @crimestoppers.vic to stay up-to-date on new topics or visit

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