Nominations are invited for the election of three directors

In accordance with Clause 10.7 of the Police Financial Services Limited Constitution, three director positions fall vacant this year in the course of rotation.

If you wish to nominate for one of these positions, please contact the Returning Officer to obtain nomination forms:

Tim Jones – Returning Officer


Phone: 1300 428 082

All nominees must be eligible members under clause 10.2 of the Constitution. Each nomination form must be signed by two eligible members who themselves comply with the requirements of clause 10.2 of the Constitution

The person being nominated must indicate acceptance on the same form.

Nominations and candidate declarations must be lodged with the Returning Officer, Tim Jones of CorpVote Pty Ltd, PO Box 2432, Fitzroy VIC 3065, phone 03 8060 5823, email no later than 12 noon on Tuesday 30 June 2020.

Members nominating for the election are invited to submit a personal summary, with supporting information to the Returning Officer.

The personal summary may contain:

  • a personal statement of not more than 100 words
  • a recent passport sized photograph.

In accordance with clause S2.1 of the Constitution, if more nominations are received than positions falling vacant, a vote will be conducted by electronic ballot, postal ballot or a combination of both.

The results of the election will be declared at the annual general meeting of members.

Important notice to candidates

Police Financial Services Limited is an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)

As such, strict standards are in place to ensure the safety of members’ deposits.  The supervision by APRA, combined with the provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 as administered by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), results in directors assuming legal responsibilities relating to many aspects of the organisation.

APRA requires candidates for director positions, incumbent directors and other responsible persons of ADIs to comply with rigorous standards relating to their fitness and propriety to undertake and/or remain in such roles.

All nominated candidates will be required to provide personal information that satisfies the criteria relating to such standards prior to being able to stand as a candidate for election.

Such standards include, but are not limited to; skill, knowledge and competence; character; diligence; honesty; integrity and judgement to perform the duties of a director of an ADI. APRA’s Prudential Standard CPS 520 dealing with directors’ fitness and propriety is available at

Persons both nominated and elected may be required to provide further information or undertakings. Those persons elected will be required to actively participate in a suitable continuous professional development program to a level that satisfies APRA requirements in order to remain a director of the organisation

In order to achieve compliance with APRA requirements for fitness and propriety and avoid the possibility of being unable to stand as a candidate, nominees are strongly encouraged to forward their nominations and complete the requisite information requests, at the earliest possible time.

Unless a relevant and timely assessment of fitness and propriety in accordance with APRA standards has been made already by Police Financial Services Limited, nominees will be required to meet with the organisation’s Nominations Committee in order to assess their fitness and propriety to be a director. This will occur at a suitable time prior to the election process.

Nominees required to meet with the Nominations Committee must provide relevant information beforehand as may be requested by the Nominations Committee, including a Curriculum Vitae with covering letter briefly addressing the criteria nominated in APRA’s Prudential Standard CPS 520.

By Order of the Board