The Australasian College of Paramedic Practitioners  (ACPP) is the peak professional body representing and supporting Paramedic Practitioners and Paramedics practicing in Primary Healthcare across Australia and New Zealand.

As their community partner, we are thrilled to make possible ACPP’s inaugural Education Scholarship Program, which will be offered to ACPP members far and wide who enrol in the  Master or Doctor of Advanced Clinical Practice (Paramedicine Practitioner) at Deakin University.

The Education Scholarships aim to build skills, capability and experiences of those studying in the course and provide access, so people from regional or remote areas can travel to Melbourne at critical course times. This opportunity aligns with our long-standing focus on Education for Communities, where we support people to develop their skills and careers.


The Education Scholarships have been established by the Australasian College of Paramedic Practitioners (ACPP) and  BankVic specifically for Paramedic Practitioner Students about to undertake a Master or Doctor program to graduate as a Paramedic Practitioner.

This scholarship funding will support Paramedic Practitioner students to complete their University studies. This is an annual scholarship program and is open from Tuesday 1 December 2020 to Monday 1 February 2021, 5pm. The Application Form can be found below under 'How to Apply'.

Education Scholarships and Selection Criteria: open for applications

Applications are sought from Paramedic Practitioner students for Education Scholarships in the following categories:

Scholarship 1

ACPP – BankVic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Paramedic Living on Country Scholarship.

Up to $4,000 (Minimum 1 scholarship)

  • Providing support to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander paramedics who live on country and have been accepted into a Paramedic Practitioner Program.
  • Must be an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Paramedic Practitioner Student and/or a Paramedic Practitioner Student working in a Rural and Remote area

Scholarship 2

ACPP – BankVic Travel Grants Scholarship. Up to $4,000 (Minimum 1 scholarship)

  • Supporting Paramedics from all around Australia who have accepted into the program to assist with the costs of travel to University Campuses, Clinical Placements or Workshops.
  • For Paramedic Practitioner students who live greater than 300 kms from the Campus

Scholarship 3

ACPP – Bank Vic Research Scholarship. Up to $3,000 (Minimum 1 scholarship)

  • To support students enrolled in the Doctor of Advanced Clinical Practice undertake their thesis project
  • A Paramedic Practitioner undertaking the Doctor qualification

Scholarship 4

ACPP – BankVic Paramedic Practitioner Academic Support Scholarship. Up to $1,000 (Minimum 2 scholarship)

  • To support students in the Master or Doctor of Advanced Clinical Practice with general academic expenses as nominated by successful recipients
  • Open to all enrolled Paramedic Practitioner students


The purpose of the Education Scholarships is to support Paramedic Practitioner students who undertake the Master or Doctor of Advanced Clinical Practice at Deakin University. ACPP also recognises that is challenging for Paramedic Practitioners students in a range of circumstances, such as living interstate or in rural and remote areas, to attend the course due to cost and travel requirements.


  • 1st December 2020: Nominations open
  • 1st February 2021: Nominations close
  • 2nd – 19th February 2021: Working party will meet and decide who are successful recipients
  • 5th March 2021: Recipients notified
  • 5th March 2021: Unsuccessful Applicants Notified
  • TBA: Recipients to be presented first day on campus at University

All announcements are to be held in confidence until this date.


The judging will be conducted by the ACPP Scholarship Committee.  The selection of successful receipts will be completed in accordance with the ACPP Scholarship procedure.

Please note that the judge’s decision is final.


Applicants submissions are provided only to the judging panel.

Eligibility Criteria

Scholarship Obligation

The successful applicants will be required to make themselves available to ACPP, BankVic or other media for photographs, video or other electronic media for interview purposes.  This media can be used by ACPP, BankVic and other media to celebrate the award of the scholarships.  The summary will be published on the ACPP and BankVic social media, website and other media.

How to apply

  1. 1. Visit either the ACPP or BankVic websites for information
  2. Complete the Application Form online
  3. All applications must be received by Monday 1 February 2021, 5pm.

Contact details

All enquires regarding the Education Scholarships are to be emailed to:

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