We have welcomed back The Royal Children's Hospital ‘Hospital Heroes Gallery’ as part of the hospitals 150 year anniversary. The Hospital Heroes Gallery is a continuation of the exhibition series, sponsored by BankVic, that was put on hold in March due to COVID-19 restrictions. We’re pleased to see it re-opened in 2021!

We will be sponsoring four gallery themes for the remainder of the year with each exhibition series putting the spotlight on the pioneering medical minds, the passionate fundraisers and the incredible staff who, over the past 150 years, have all helped the RCH to become the great hospital it is today. The current Hospital Heroes Gallery titled ‘A Legacy of Giving’ celebrates 90 years of the Good Friday Appeal which will be on display until April 12 before we introduce the ‘Outreach’ exhibition which will focus on research and Wadja Aboriginal family space at The Royal Children’s Hospital.

The gallery is located out the front of the BankVic branch at the hospital and is available digitally on the following link: www.rch150.org.au/news/hospital-heroes-galleries. We have also incorporated additional photos within the postcard wall in our branch.

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