Quick Steps

  1. Log onto Internet Banking
  2. Enter your Member Number and Password
  3. Select ‘Accounts’
  4. Select 'eStatements'
  5. Click on either View or Download next to the eStatement you wish to open

Detailed Steps

Step One - Log into Internet Banking

Click on the LOGIN button at the top, right-hand side of the BankVic home page.

Step Two - Enter login details

On the login screen, you will need to enter your a) Member Number, b) Password, and the c) the text from the image below.

Step Three - Select ‘Accounts’

You are now logged into the Home Screen for Internet Baning.
Select ‘Accounts’.

Step Four - Select ‘eStatements’

Step Five

The below screen will appear in a new window. The ‘View’ options allows you to view or print your statement, the ‘Download’ option will allow you to view, print or save the eStatement.

Find the eStatement you wish to open (listed by Statement Date) and then click on either View or Download. The eStatement will open in the same window.

If you choose ‘View’ you can go back to Internet Banking once you have finished by clicking the Back button.

If you choose to ‘Download’ your statement, it will open in a new screen. In order to go back to the ‘Home’ screen, you simply need to click on BankVic.