BankVic is excited to announce that our longstanding partnership with Crime Stoppers Victoria has been renewed for the next two years, and will now include naming rights for the weekly Crime Stoppers Victoria segments televised on Channel 9.

With the first segment airing on 7 February 2023, this is a significant opportunity for BankVic to show our support for the important work Crime Stoppers Victoria does to help keep Victorians safe.

When we collaborate with partners like Crime Stoppers Victoria, we help to create strong, safe, and healthy communities for our members and the wider community. It also means we’re supporting a program that supports our members in their workplace.

This is a great example of how we go further for our members, so they can go further in all aspects of their life.

To view the recent segments, head to the Crime Stoppers Vic youtube channel.

Our work with Crime Stoppers Victoria

Our partnership with Crime Stoppers Victoria will continue to produce the accessible and educational Online Safety Series that has helped BankVic members and the broader community understand how to keep their money and identity safe. Together, we have also produced several podcast series that cover topics such as identity theft, investment scams and understanding types of cybercrime. With rising instances targeting the financial and banking industry, this work has seen great engagement and feedback across all channels.     

For more information on the BankVic x Crime Stoppers Victoria partnership and programs, head to their website or check out one of the podcast episodes featuring our CIO, Shane Kuret.