Soon, many direct debits will switch to PayTo.

PayTo is the new way to make fast, easy and secure payments straight from your bank account.

PayTo is the new way to make fast, easy and secure payments straight from your bank account.

Shortly, many direct debits will be upgrading to PayTo agreements, which can be seen and managed in your internet banking.

You’re in control

  • You can see your PayTo agreements - like your gym membership and energy bills - in one place.
  • Authorise new agreements before a business can take any money out of your account, and you can view or pause your PayTo agreement at any time.


  • Keep your data private.
  • View your agreements in real-time
  • Payments are protected as they’re approved within your online banking, a secure environment that reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions.

How it works

Receive and authorise your PayTo agreement

Using your BSB and Account Number or Pay ID, the merchant will send you an authorisation request for a new bill, subscription or online purchase. You can then authorise or decline the PayTo agreement and any future updates.

Pause, resume or cancel your payments

PayTo lets you pause, resume or cancel payments at any time within your online banking.

All your PayTo agreements, all in one place

View and manage all of the PayTo agreements linked to your bank account, together in one secure place.

What happens next?

Many direct debits will start switching to PayTo*, and in most cases you won’t need to do anything. As PayTo agreements start to automatically appear in your online banking, it’s worth checking the details, and if you have any concerns you should reach out to the business.

Any new PayTo agreements that a business sets up for you can be authorised, paused, or cancelled all within your online banking.

Learn more about PayTo

We’ve put together a list of common PayTo FAQs here

*PayTo rollout timeframes vary.