Top tips for keeping safe while banking online

Banking online? Here are our top 6 tips to help keep you safe from fraudulent activity. 

In a world where online fraudulent activity is becoming more common, it pays to keep on top of your online security. In fact, Australians lost more than $2 billion from scams in 2021 alone(1). 

To help you prevent becoming a victim of fraud, we’ve put together six tips so you can keep your banking more secure. 

1. Use the BankVic mobile app where possible
Apps are generally considered to be a more secure environment for your banking because there are less points from which hackers can access your data compared to accessing your banking from a web browser.

2. Bookmark frequently visited web pages, starting with your Internet Banking 
Bookmarking pages you visit often, such as your , prevents false links accidentally being clicked on.

3. Keep your devices and apps updated
If a security breach is found, manufacturers will quickly release a software update to correct it. 

4. Use longer and more complex passwords, and change them frequently
A simple, all lowercase 8-character password can be cracked in seconds. The longer the password and the more complex (using uppercase, symbols, numbers etc.) the harder it is to crack.

5. Question if something doesn’t feel right
Has your browser given any warnings? Are there spelling errors in an email that is prompting you click a link? Is that call from an unknown number expected?

6. Be careful how you share personal details
Never provide personal details to anyone without considering who they are and why they are requesting this information, because your data could be on sold to scammers.

Useful resources

To find out more on how to protect yourself, we’ve put together a list of useful resources:

1. Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, 4 July 2022, Scams robbed Australians of more than $2 billion last year