We recently got behind two of TLC Ambulance’s wonderful campaigns to raise funds and awareness so more children can experience a special day out.

Give1 asks people to donate just $1 to TLC Ambulance, and through the power of collective giving,they hope to raise funds to put more patient trips on the road. Our people supported Give1 in July and you too can get involved. Simply scan the QR code to donate.

On the last Friday in August, Australians ‘dack up and donate’ for Tracky Dack Day by wearing tracksuit pants and fundraising for TLC Ambulance and the children it supports. This is an act of solidarity with hospitalised children who are encouraged to change into trackies to lift their mood and create a more normal day-to-day routine.

Our people working from home and at our branches got involved by putting on their favourite, most comfy or wackiest trackies! Branch people talked with members about TLC Ambulance, how they can donate, and suggested they pop on their tracksuit when they got home.

We were thrilled to get involved from our branches at Glen Waverley, Victoria Police Centre and The Royal Children’s Hospital to those working from home.

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