🟦⬜️Police Week 2023⬜️🟦

Bookended by the Wall to Wall Ride and National Police Remembrance Day, Police Week at BankVic is an opportunity to recognise and commemorate the dedication and sacrifices made by police officers.

For our inaugural Police Week at BankVic, we asked our valued partners to share what Police Week means to them. They shared themes around reflection, recognition, respect and celebration and it was so special to hear from such a diverse represenation of organisations that all support Victoria Police in a significant way.

  • The Police Association Victoria(TPAV) 
  • Victoria Police Legacy
  • Crime Stoppers Victoria
  • Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation 
  • Neighbourhood Watch Victoria, and
  • the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR)

These organisations share a collective commitment to supporting police in Victoria and we are so proud to partner with them.


CEO, Anthony De Fazio

The Police Association Victoria (TPAV)

CEO, Wayne Gatt

Victoria Police Legacy (VPL)

CEO, Lex De Mann

Crime Stoppers Victoria

CEO, Stella Smith

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria

CEO, Bambi Gordon

Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) Victoria

President, Matt Volt

Blue Ribbon Foundation

Community Engagement Manager, Cassandra Chrisp